The amount of time it takes for the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to review the Articles of Organization filed for a new Arizona limited liability company depends on the filing fee paid to the ACC.  When the filing fee is $85 for expedited filing the ACC reviews the the Articles of Organization much faster than when the filing fee is $50.  We always pay the $85 filing fee when we form a new LLC except for Bronze LLCs that do not pay an extra $35 for the expedited filing fee.

Check the ACC’s Review Times

To see the ACC’s current times to review Articles of Organization go to the ACC’s document processing time web page.  If the times are not displayed then the ACC’s page downloaded a pdf file to your computer that you must open to see the processing time.

When Is Your Company Born?

Your LLC or PLLC is born and can begin operating on the date the Articles of Organization are filed with the ACC.  The day we file your company’s AOO we will send the document to your company’s contact person as an Adobe pdf attachment to an email.  The ACC’s received stamp at the top of the first page of the AOO we emailed to your contact person.  This document shows the date your AOO were filed, which is the company’s birth date.  This is the date the company was formed REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE ACC STAMPS ON THE ARTICLES OF ORGANIZATION OR STATES IN ITS APPROVAL LETTER OR POSTS ON ITS WEBSITE.

Keep the Articles of Organization with the received stamp on it for the entire life of the company.  You may need it to prove the actual formation date of the company if the ACC’s filed date is wrong on the approved AOO, its approval letter or on its website.  See below for more about this problem.

After we file the AOO the ACC will add the LLC to its website and you will be able to search for the company to determine its status.   To see your company go to the ACC’s website search page then enter your company’s name and click on the Search icon. The number of days from the filing date until the company appears on the ACC’s website varies.  It depends on the how far behind the ACC is in adding new companies to its database.