by Arizona LLC attorneys Richard Keyt, JD, LL.M. (income tax) and his son former CPA Richard C. Keyt, JD, MS

Section 1.1 Overview of the Operations Manual

We have formed [contentblock id=1 img=gcb.png] Arizona limited liability companies since 2001. We advertise on our Arizona LLC Law website that we do not charge for questions about forming Arizona limited liability companies. In talking to people and answering thousands of questions over and over about Arizona LLCs, we found that people ask the same questions about operating Arizona LLCs. This Operations Manual contains answers to the most commonly asked questions about forming and operating Arizona limited liability companies.

We wrote this Operations Manual for two reasons:

a. To tell you important facts you need to know about operating your Arizona limited liability company, and

b. To reduce the amount of time we have to spend answering questions on the phone.

Reason number two may be selfish on our part, but do not forget reason one. If you have a question about operating an Arizona LLC (but not tax-related questions – see your CPA for the answers to tax questions), the answer is probably in this Operations Manual. If you have a question about Arizona LLCs that is not answered in this Operations Manual, call one of us, but before you do, please read the Operations Manual carefully and make sure the answer is not in it.

Section 1.2 Arizona LLC Law

This information contained in this Operations Manual applies only to Arizona limited liability companies that operate in Arizona. All fifty states in the United States have laws that allow for the creation of LLCs within each state, but each state has its own unique LLC laws. Some LLC laws of states other than Arizona may be similar to Arizona LLC laws, but you should never assume that is the case.

If your LLC engages in activity outside Arizona, it must comply with the laws of each jurisdiction where it engages in activity. The application of the laws of another state to an Arizona LLC that does business in that state may give a result that is different from how Arizona law would treat the same fact pattern.

Section 1.3 The KEYTLaw Arizona LLC Law Website

Please visit and bookmark our Arizona LLC Law website. This site contains tons of additional information about asset protection and forming and operating Arizona LLCs.”

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Section 1.4 Other KEYTLaw Websites

In addition to our Arizona LLC Law website we also have the following websites that contain a lot of information about each area of law:

  • IRA LLC Law:  Learn how to use an LLC to make self-directed investments with your IRA funds.
  • Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning: If you do not have a Will and healthcare documents your family is unprotected and suffer greatly if you were to die or become incapacitated.
  • Family Asset Protection:  This free ebook explains Wills, Trusts, Living Wills, Healthcare Powers of Attorney, Financial Powers of Attorney and why you need to protect your loved ones before it is too late.  We wrote the book to help people understand a complex subject and illustrate how an estate plan can protect your most valuable asset – your loved ones.  To get a free hard copy of our Family Asset Protection book send a request to our legal assistant Michelle at
  • Arizona Probate Law:  We explain what probate is, when it is needed and when heirs can avoid probate after a death and use one of Arizona’s small estate probate exemptions.
  • Trademarks:  Information about federal trademarks and service marks.  Hire us to research a prospective mark, give a legal opinion on the mark and prepare and file an application to register a federal trademark or service mark.
  • Do-It-Yourself Legal Forms: Purchase downloadable Word versions of legal forms created by us. We offer Arizona LLC forms, real estate forms and loan forms. Follow the instructions and edit the form to meet your needs.
  • Buy Sell Agreements:  Learn why all multi-member LLCs (other than husband and wife owned LLCs) should have a Buy Sell Agreement. This document contains the members’ exit strategy in case they need a company divorce.
  • California LLC Law:  Richard C. Keyt is licensed to practice law in California.  This website explains California’s Revised Limited Liability Company Act and how to forma  California LLC.  It also sells highly custom Operating Agreements for existing and to be formed California LLCs.
  • Arizona Real Estate Law:Arizona Landlord Tenant Law:  Information for landlords of Arizona residential property, including tenant eviction legal services.

Section 1.5 Visit the KEYTLaw Youtube Channel

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Section 1.7 Legal Services Offered by KEYTLaw Attorneys

If you have a need for any fixed fee LLC legal services in the future, please contact a KEYTLaw attorney. Forming LLCs is just a small part of the legal services KEYTLaw attorneys offer. We are a full service small business law firm that takes care of the business legal needs of the companies we represent. Our attorneys also provide legal services most commonly needed by people, both business owners, non-business owners, employees and people who buy sell and rent residential and commercial property.

Besides forming a lot of Arizona companies, KEYTLaw attorneys provide the following additional legal services:

  • Preparing and reviewing contracts of all types;
  • Real estate law representing buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants with respect to raw land, commercial, industrial, office buildings, malls, apartments and residential properties;
  • Advising people on the legal consequences of defaulting on a loan secured by Arizona real property;
  • Preparing Wills, Trusts and other estate planning documents;
  • Preparing and reviewing commercial loan documents;
  • Commercial litigation;
  • Landlord tenant law, including representing landlords in evictions;
  • Internet and domain name law;
  • Copyright law; and
  • Trademark law.

Section 1.8 KEYTLaw is a Full Service Law Firm: Forming LLCs is One of the Many Legal Services We Offer

If you have a need for any additional legal services in the future, please contact me or another KEYTLaw attorney. Forming LLCs is just a small part of the legal services KEYTLaw attorneys offer. We are a full service small business law firm that takes care of the business legal needs of the companies we represent and the personal legal needs of people (business owners and non-business owners.

Section 1.9 KEYTLaw Attorney & Staff Contact Information

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Richard C. Keyt.  Ricky, a former CPA, is licensed to practice law in Arizona and CaliforniaPractice Areas: Entity formations including nonprofit corporations, obtaining tax exemptions from the IRS for 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, wills and trusts and estate planning, special needs trusts, real estate law, contracts, business law

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Legal Assistants

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