2.1 Forming an Arizona LLC

If you have not yet formed your Arizona LLC and don’t want to hire us to form it, you should learn about the formation process by by reading “How to Form an Arizona Limited Liability Company (long version)” or “How Do I Form an Arizona Limited Liability Company?” – For do-it-yourselfers.  See the “Contents of the Bronze ($397), Silver ($597) & Gold ($997) LLC Packages.

Section 2.2 How to Get a Copy of the Filed Articles of Organization Approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission

The day you approve your LLC formation questionnaire and pay the fee we will file the Articles of Organization with the Arizona Corporation Commission and get it approved.  That day or the next day we will email the approved Articles of Organization to the LLC’s contact person.

After we file the AOO you can download the approve AOO.  Go to the ACC’s website and search for your LLC.  Enter your LLC’s name in the field on the top right that says “Search for an Entity Name.”  Click on the search icon then click on the link on your LLC’s name.

Look for the area called “Scanned Documents” then click on the link to the left of the text Articles of Organization.  Print or download the approved Articles of Organization.  Save the document with the rest of the LLC’s records.

The Articles of Organization approved by the ACC is an important document. Keep it in a safe place. Third parties such as banks, lenders and title insurance companies may ask to see the filed Articles of Organization from time to time. If you ever lose your copy of the filed Articles of Organization, go to the ACC’s website, search the name of your LLC then print the filed Articles of Organization.

Section 2.3 When the New Company May Begin Doing Business

A new Arizona LLC is formed/born/created on the date its Articles of Organization were filed with the ACC.  The LLC was born as of the date stamped on the approved Articles of Organization.  It may begin its business operations and enter into binding legal agreements as of that date. If you first obtain a federal employer identification number (see Sections 11.1 – 11.8 below for information about how to get an EIN from the IRS) for the company, you may open a bank account in the company’s name immediately.

Section 2.4 Wait Until Articles of Organization are Approved Before Taking Certain Action

You should wait until the Articles of Organization are approved by the ACC before conveying any real property to the company or paying or incurring any expenses that are dependent on the name of the company such as letterhead or print advertising. It could be a disaster if you recorded a deed of real property to the company and the ACC later rejected the Articles of Organization for any reason. You would also not want to spend $1,000 on printed materials and then find out that the ACC rejected the Articles of Organization because of a problem with the proposed name of the LLC.

Section 2.5 Publication of the Notice of Publication in a Newspaper

Newly formed Arizona LLCs and PLLCs whose statutory agent has an address in Maricopa County or Pima County are not required to publish a notice in a newspaper.  When KEYTLaw, LLC, is the statutory agent because our address is in Maricopa County the company does not have to publish in a newspaper.