Thank you for purchasing our Silver LLC formation package. The following services are included in the $897 Silver LLC package:

  • Answers to your LLC Questions by phone or email.
  • LLC name verification with the Arizona Corporation Commission’s database.
  • File the Articles of Organization with the ACC.
  • Pay the ACC expedited filing fee of $85 so we can get immediate approval.
  • Email to you the Articles of Organization with the ACC’s filed stamp on it.  Use this document and the federal employer id number we get from the IRS to open the LLC’s bank account.
  • We get the LLC’s EIN from the IRS.  Your LLC’s responsible person must complete and sign and return an IRS Form SS-4 to us before we can get the EIN.  A member or manager of the LLC must go to our web page called “How to Complete IRS Form SS-4” and follow the instructions.  This page explains how to complete the IRS Form SS-4 and return it to us via DocuSign.  This form authorizes our legal assistant to contact the IRS on behalf of the LLC and apply for the EIN.
  • Prepare a custom Operating Agreement.
  • Prepare a spousal Disclaimer for a resident of Arizona who is married member and who intends to own the LLC as separate property.  The non-owner spouse must sign the Disclaimer or both spouses will own their interest in the LLC as community property. The Disclaimer is at the end of the Operating Agreement.
  • Provide Statutory Agent Service for one year.
  • Send the Operating Agreement to all members via DocuSign for their digital signatures,
  • Prepare Organizational Resolutions of the Members.
  • Prepare Membership Certificates for all Members.
  • Give you an LLC Portfolio with all LLC documents organized behind tabs.
  • Include a Springing Member provision in the Articles of Organization & Operating Agreement.
  • Give all members of your LLC access to our eBook called the Operations Manual.
  • Give all members of your LLC access to our Arizona email LLC Alert System

The above list does not include any additional services you may have purchased.

The $897 fee includes all formation costs ($85 ACC expedited filing fee).

Although we act as the LLC’s statutory agent for the first year for no additional fee, after the first year we will charge the LLC $99 a year payable in advance to continue as the LLC’s statutory agent. If you do not want to pay our statutory agent fee then you simply appoint a replacement statutory agent at any time.

In preparing the LLC documents we will represent: (i) the member of a single member LLC, (ii) both members of a two member LLC if they own their interests in the LLC as community property, (iii) the LLC if the LLC has two members who are married and own their interests as separate property, or (iv) the LLC if the LLC has two or more members who are not married.