Use the below Disclaimer when a member of an Arizona LLC is a married resident of Arizona and the member wants to own his or her membership interest as separate property rather than community property.  The Disclaimer must be signed by the nonmember spouse to disclaim any interest in the membership interest of the member spouse who desires to own his or her membership interest as separate property.

 Disclaimer of Membership Interest
<llc name>, LLC

The entire ownership interest of _____________________ (“Member”) in <llc name>, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company (“Company’) is the sole and separate property of Member, having been acquired with Member’s separate assets. The undersigned spouse of Member has no past or present right, title, interest, claim or lien of any kind or nature whatsoever in, to or against Member’s interest in the Company. This instrument is signed not for the purpose of making a gift to Member, but solely for the purpose of clearly showing of record that the undersigned has and claims no interest in and to the Company. The undersigned does hereby disclaim, remise, release and quit-claim unto Member and to the heirs and assigns of Member forever, all right, title, interest, claim and demand that the undersigned has or might appear to have in and to the interest of Member in and to the Company.

Signature of Disclaiming Spouse

Printed Name of Disclaiming Spouse

Date signed: ___________________