This article is only for people who formed an LLC to own Arizona real estate.  If your LLC will not own Arizona real estate then disregard this message.

The primary reason real property owners form an LLC is because they do not want to be sued if something goes wrong with the property. However, you cannot achieve this goal if you do not convey the real estate into the LLC by having the owner of the land sign and record a deed that names the LLC as the grantee (the new owner).

Has the owner of the real estate signed a deed that conveys the land to the LLC? Has the deed been recorded with the county recorder of the county in which the real property is located? If the answer to either question is no, the owner(s) of the real estate will continue to have potential liability until the title to the real estate is transferred to the LLC.

If not, then put that task at the top of your list.  Warning:  Never use a Quit Claim Deed to transfer title unless you willing to void the transferor’s title insurance on the land.  We never use a Quit Claim Deed to transfer title to an LLC.  Instead we always use a Special Warranty Deed or a Warranty Deed to transfer real estate to an LLC.

We can prepare a deed to transfer your land to your LLC.  To hire us to prepare a Special Warranty Deed do the following:

After paying for your deed and completing the questionnaire real estate attorney Richard C. Keyt will prepare your Special Warranty Deed and email an Adobe .pdf file to you for signing and notarization.  We will also send you a letter to mail to the County Recorder to record the deed.

If you have more than one parcel of real estate and need more than one deed call Richard C. Keyt (480-664-7472) to discuss a quantity discount.

To learn more about transferring real estate to your LLC read Sections 5.18 – 5.22 of the Arizona LLC Operations Manual.