We sent your new Arizona LLC’s Operating Agreement to your LLC’s contact person. This document is behind the tab called “Operating Agreement” in the LLC’s portfolio unless you purchased our Bronze formation package in which case we emailed the document to your LLC’s contact person as a pdf attachment to the email message.

You should have received, reviewed and signed your new LLC’s Operating Agreement. If you have not yet reviewed it yet, please do so as soon as possible.

If the members of your LLC want to make any substantive changes to the Operating Agreement such as deleting or adding text or adding provisions specific to the Company, we can revise the document.

To make changes to the Operating Agreement or if you want to discuss possible changes, contact LLC attorney and former CPA Richard C. Keyt (480-664-7472 or email [email protected]). Ricky can work with the members to answer questions (no charge) and revise the Operating Agreement per the members’ instructions. He charges $295 per hour for the time needed to revise the Operating Agreement.