Welcome to Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt’s unique Arizona limited liability company email Alert System. Richard created the Alert System because in forming 9,000+ Arizona LLCs he found that too many LLC owners fail to complete fundamental LLC tasks.  See the table of contents for the 49 Alerts we send to LLC members.

For example, many of our LLC clients never sign the Operating Agreement. We once formed three LLCs and prepared a Buy Sell Agreement for two men who created a very successful multi-million dollar business. Several years after forming the LLCs the two men sued each other in a dispute involving the LLC business owned by two of the LLCs. They never signed any of the three Operating Agreements or the Buy Sell Agreement.

The purpose of our LLC Alert System is to remind members of newly formed Arizona LLCs to complete tasks that are important for the members and their LLC. The reminders are contained in email messages we send to members from time to time. For example, the LLC Alert System reminds members to sign the LLC’s Operating Agreement, get a federal employer ID number (ignore this one if we got it for you), open the LLC’s bank account, set up a bookkeeping system, talk to an accountant about which of the four tax methods is best for the members and their LLC, document loans to the LLC, transfer real estate into the LLC (for real estate LLCs) and document major action with minutes of meetings of members or actions by consent.

For more important tasks we will send multiple reminders. If you have accomplished the task, you can click on the accomplished link to stop getting reminders to do the task. Although we will remind you of important LLC tasks, it is your responsibility, not ours, to accomplish the tasks.

How Does the LLC Alert System Work?

There are two components to our Arizona LLC Alert System.  These components are:

  • First we send you a very brief email message with a subject line that describes the content of the Alert.
  • Second, when you click on the read button in the message that says Read the Alert you will be taken to a page on our Arizona LLC Operations Manual website to read the Alert.  These pages are mobile friendly so you can easily read them on your phone or mobile device.

We suggest add a bookmark in your internet browser for Alerts that you want to view in the future.

Email Organization Suggestion

We also recommend that you configure your email system to track email alert messages that start with Alert. You should:

  • Create a folder in your email system called LLC, LLC Messages, LLC Alerts or some other title that you like.
  • Create a message rule that automatically moves messages that start with Alert into that folder.
  • If you can’t create a rule, then delete message you don’t want to keep and manually move messages you want to keep into the folder.

How to Stop Getting Alert System Messages

You may cancel your subscription to the Alert System at any time. Every email message we send will have an unsubscribe link at the end of the message. If, at any time, you want to cancel your subscription to the Arizona LLC Alert System, just click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message to cancel all future the Alert System reminder emails.